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Brisbane Airport, Nancy Bird Way, Brisbane QLD 4009, Australia



AIRPARK is a Airport located at Brisbane Airport, Nancy Bird Way, Brisbane QLD 4009, Australia. It has received 446 reviews with an average rating of 3.6 stars.



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  • The address of AIRPARK: Brisbane Airport, Nancy Bird Way, Brisbane QLD 4009, Australia

  • AIRPARK has 3.6 stars from 446 reviews

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  • "0/5 - It was my first time using AIR PARK service and I was left with disappointment"

    "Not much cheaper than established competitors offsite even when using voucher (mostly less than 20% discount at best I have seen so far) Long waits for shuttle bus 80% of the day 25 mins wait between 9"

    "I had the misfortune to park my car there at the end of September"

    "Tried making an online booking for 2 days (13/09 to 14/09)"

    "A very convenient, efficient, affordable and reliable way for travel to/from Brisbane airport"


  • Solgaelo Lunala

0/5 - It was my first time using AIR PARK service and I was left with disappointment. Upon arrival I found out that my car has been damaged. There was no place to call the staff or any way to get some help. I had to call the staff using the intercom at the gate (for vehicles to enter). Staff was pretty unhelpful and quick to point finger instead. I was devastated. I thought that secure car park would provide sufficient security coverage but apparently not. I asked them to check the CCTV camera but the staff refused. I contacted the police and they requested the CCTV footage. Their report was something like 'We could not see any cars coming in or out near your car... but we cannot see your car position' If you cannot see my car position exactly, how can you tell that there were no cars coming or out near my car? Beside I remembered that there was a white car parked beside my car which was not there anymore upon my arrival. I contacted them in regards to this matter in which they provide little assistance. Secure car park is nothing more that exaggeration and their 'undercover' car park is just open car park with a thin sheet to cover your car. Nice marketing mislead there. I recommend a transport to airport and leave your car safe in your home garage instead. Lesson learnt.

  • Shyan Goh

Not much cheaper than established competitors offsite even when using voucher (mostly less than 20% discount at best I have seen so far) Long waits for shuttle bus 80% of the day 25 mins wait between 9.30AM (yes, in the morning) to 5 AM ( in the morning, again). Between 5 to 9.30 am it's 15 minutes frequency. And I do not trust the management since I have booked 6 months prior and the 25 min frequency used to be every 20 mins. The trip from car park is 10 minutes (domestic) to 15 mins (international) so the proximity from airpark to these terminal is really no real advantage compared to the competitors located along kingsford smith drive which is usually 15 mins away by mini van shuttle used by most of them Rarely seen airpark buses full which may sound like a good thing except it reflects how unpopular it is really. As I am typing this waiting for airpark bus at domestic I have seen 3 staff domestic bus and one international transfer bus at night, so staff get better service than paying customers. I am giving it one star only because I cannot give it less than that. They cannot pay me enough for me to use it ever again after I finish using up all my booking Never again.

  • Peter Sowa

I had the misfortune to park my car there at the end of September. I booked and pre-paid on the internet. In driving in, the machine at the barrier issued a ticket. I took it assuming you had to submit it on the way out. When I tried to exit I inserted the card I was given at the entry point. By that time the boon gate had closed behind me and I faced another closed boom gate in front. Now the fun started: The machine asked me to pay again. Remember, I pre-paid. Fortunately, there was a button where you can speak to an operator. I explained the situation to him and he said he would do me a "favour" this time and let me out. I tried to phone the company three times after that to get clarification about the procedure. There was never an answer. What company does not answer their phone? I then asked for clarification by email. They mistakenly assumed I was asking for a refund. To date I still have no answer what the entry and exit procedure is when you pre-pay. What a bunch of amateurs are running this company? I'll never park there again.

  • Russell Lipman

Tried making an online booking for 2 days (13/09 to 14/09). Entered ALL details 15-20 times. Got to "I'm Not A Robot" & "SUBMIT" 15-20 times to continuously find there was an issue with the web site. To top it off, the number on their website was for the Brisbane Airport Staff Parking (the guy there has had a gut-full of people calling him about the issues with the web site). And to add insult to injury, Airpark has no contact details so the only way you can communicate with them is by complaining on a Review such as this.....My summary - "Airpark is a big business who does not need to care as by default they will make millions of dollars each year without having to try or improve".... Zero stars from us..... Just editing my above commentary to agree with Shane Dowdall - its cheaper to book online rather than there on the day, so summarizing that this is likely a price gouging tactic....Seeing the other posts about hiked pricing, this is very likely?

  • Michael Stone

A very convenient, efficient, affordable and reliable way for travel to/from Brisbane airport. Book online for excellent rates - 4 days $79, 5 days $84. Very likely that your car park will be within 50-100m of the bus stop, which has a sheltered area and vending machines. Buses are every 5-10 minutes and quick transit to domestic and international terminals. Allow for 20 minutes from time you enter carpark to time at terminal. Book online and you will be emailed/sms a QR code with your booking. Gates recognise your number plate and register you on arrival, no human contact. Very good technology and fast. There are four carparks A,B, C, D (carpark2), located across from International terminal. Take a photo of your car and bus stop to remember which one you are in on return. The buses are more frequent than every ten minutes and run in loop, carpark A,B,C,D, Domestic Qantas, Domestic Virgin, International. Very quick stop and drop. Safe travels!

  • Sean Dolan

Terrible customer service. I pre booked this car park prior to going on a 3 week holiday. I paid 144 dollars which I thought was very reasonable. As I exited the car park I was charged an extra 299 dollars for no apparent reason. No staff on site to discuss the matter. Telephoned the staff at the main car park who told me I had to use an email to discuss this. I then was only refunded 150 dollars. I then made several futile attempts to discuss the matter further with no response. Good facilities but terrible customer service. I have now contacted the Commonwealth ombudsman in relation to this. Please be careful to avoid this happening to you Update: I was refunded 284 dollars after this review was posted. The car park is NOT well signed and this is a mistake that many people may make. Again, please be careful when parking here

  • Kerry Pickering

Good rates and close to the airport, but leave extra time (at least 20mins) for waiting for the bus. Also they need to improve signage or instructions for getting BACK to your car. In case you're not psychic - you get the bus back to the carpark from the same point you got off the shuttle bus. But this isn't signed at the airport (it's NOT where all the other buses go from) or stated on the website/booking information. So you need to remember the location for yourself. Luckily my Google app had a contact number for AirPark so I could call and ask, because the website (on my phone browser anyway) didn't have a contact number and the airport staff I asked didn't know either! Will use again if I have to park, because it's cheap, but it's not the smoothest system.

  • helen zahos

Will never park here again. Turned up and the boom gates were out of order after i had already prepaid. No one was answering the boomgate phone, drove to the next boomgate that was out of order, no way of getting into the park despite having prepaid, no signage to direct people to where they could go and park since it was 'temporarily closed' no email or warning that it was closed. Again no one answering calls from the boomgate to get any direction of where to go. After several cars were driving around in confusion, we were forced to park at the longstay park otherwise would have missed my flight.. expecting a hefty bill on rerurn. No email to contact on website to be reimbursed the money i had prepaid.

  • Peta Vanu Maoate

Parked my car for 3 weeks, car battery dead when we returned, called customer service at the Air park station because I lost my sim card overseas and couldn't call anybody. They refused to call RACQ for me, I was left to feel helpless, running around the car park looking for someone to help me. The male and female I spoke to had no care to help me out, the tone of their voices sounded like they were bored of talking to me. I had 3 young children in the car at 10pm cold and tired. I really feel they didn't provide any kind of customer service for me. We returned the eve of 07/12/2018 so if you can find those two people I spoke to on the phone, tell them they weren't helpful AT ALL!

  • Tony cartwright

Airpark is an excellent service, competitively priced and very convenient, Have used Airpark many times and will in the future. I have only two criticisms. The first is having to use that scanned code to gain entry. A lot of older Australians are not that savvy using mobile phones and new technology. Some do not have phones, Using the credit card used to book or a booking code would be much easier for us oldies. The second is the bus luggage racks. A lot of travellers do not have the strength to lift their luggage to the upper racks. There must be a better user-friendly design to store luggage in transit, Thank you for your survey and see you on our next trip

  • Cameron

Cheap parking but beware bus service is useless!! 2 drove past that were for staff but were empty... Gave up and uber'd to the airport... Thought ok maybe it was just a bad time of night so when we landed at 5pm we tried again this time going back to the carpark. We waited over an hour and no busses came past. Meanwhile the other competitive companies had run about 3/4 shuttles in this time. Never again. You might save a few bucks but don't count on the bus service being any good. Very poor form... An actual timetable might help instead of the very vague 15 mins in peak times and 25 outside of that BS that you get at the moment.

  • Ezequiel “Zac” D. dos Passos

Parking here is easy and cheap, but you should avoid if you have any children or a greater amount of luggage, as you will struggle to get on the bus. Once you do, but, there is not a great deal of space to store it either. There is no one around to help and no trolleys to hire to lug your items to and from the bus. The greatest problem though is that the website states that it will take you 7-10 minutes to the terminal but hides the fact that the buses only operate every 15 minutes. So, if you're going for a short trip away and have only carry on luggage, it's fine, but if you have any more than that avoid it.

  • Kylie McGahey

I have been using this service for over a year now sad to see the prices surge, especially for regular users like myself who where using it all through covid when no one else was travelling. Would be a good idea to do a reward system of some sort for regular users. Have had a few stuff ups over time but the customer service people are always polite and eager to help making it a easy process. My main disappointment lays with the website it is an absolute nightmare always crashing trying multiple times a day, on consecutive days on numerous browsers but ALWAYS crashes never smooth sailing or easy!

  • aileenzhang

My flight was delayed and arrived at 11:50pm last night. I started waiting at the Airpark Stop at 12am, waited until 12:45am and STILL NO BUS!! 25 minutes a bus? What a joke. Meanwhile, 4 Staff Buses drove past (but all the staff had already left). Every one at the airport had left by then, even the taxis. Ended up calling an Uber because I felt so unsafe just waiting for a bus I didn't even know if it would actually show up or not. This was my second time booking with Airpark after deciding to give it another go despite waiting for the shuttle bus for more than 25 minutes last time.

  • Sergey Vishnyakov

Parking is good overall, reasonable price and convenient location. But: I had to arrive at 23:15 and Jetstar delayed my flight , so I arrived at 02:00 AM. Empty airport and no bus to go to the parking. Taxis wanted 80AUD to deliver me to Airpark parking (ridicilous, right?) so I left my family in the temminal and walked to Airpark. Not too bad, really - refreshing walk via motorways, about 2.3km from international terminal to uncovered Airpark location. No cars around, just few taxis. 20min of walking through the night was a good exercise, good thing was the weather was fine.

  • Paul Atkins

Not a single sign for where to get picked up from at the international terminal. We were dropped offside in the middle of nowhere next to the "normal" carparks on level 1 so went there. Sat there for 30 minutes and no bus. Went back inside to be told they have changed it to level 4 departures. No sign, no information. Nothing on their website and the driver said we get picked up where we were dropped off. Don't make our mistake. When you arrive, go up to departures and go to the far end. No signs show you where to go and you will see a small TV screen when you get there.

  • Ko

The park was okay and the bus driver was nice. When i booked the website showed me wrong detail after i booked,so I wanted to change the detail cause it was wrong. But the website said i have to cancel and then re-book. so I did. but they showed me wrong detail again so I canceled again for changing the detail. It showed me correct detail at last. but they didn't pay me back the money that I paid. So I lost $180. I wouldn't canceld If they said "If you canceled we won't pay back so you just lose money! Are you sure? you really wanna cancel!?!"

  • Suzuki jimny journeys

Good idea, bad execution. Buses took too long to arrive. They only come every 20mins which is not too bad, but they could at least provide a timetable or a real time update status of when the next bus will arrive. Also, it was too difficult to navigate the exit as the exit signs are tiny and not very obvious. The Melbourne version of this airport parking works so much better, we never had to wait longer than 5mins for a bus and the car park was an easy navigation to enter and exit. We will look at other parking options in the future.

  • Dave Lindsay

Absolutely disgusting how fast prices have risen. I'm a fifo worker and back in April it was $59 for 2 weeks and now it has risen to $140 so its more than doubled, nearly tripled in 6 months. There is no way they can justify increasing prices so fast. Its just blatant price gouging now that everyone is travelling again and is no longer a cheaper option than an uber or a cab now. I hope people start finding alternative arrangements to send airpark a message that this in unacceptable and no way to treat customers.

  • Chenoa Finnigan

It's alright, for an airpark service. It would be nice, if there were more toilets at the bus stops along the way. I like the idea of being able to book and pay for it all online and just use your bank card for entry/exit and the customer service at the gates are generally really helpful but.. I work interstate and use the airport parking every 2nd week, for a week and they never offer specials all the time or discounts (only every so often) and no loyalty program. Ends up costing me a fair amount of money.

  • Craig Vogler (All House Inspetions)

Have used air park a number of times and were generally happy. However last trip we extended our stay. Booked the extra time for the parking online. On leaving the carpark they charged us again. Phoned them and then had to lodge a claim form with proof of being charged twice which is annoying. Did that a total of three times over a month or so, only to keep getting an email telling me they have had no response. Just a joke. Don't use them if you have to change dates. No back up customer service.

  • Thelma Monkey

2 people were waiting outside the shelter and were picked up but the driver didn't check that shelter doors were opening. I was one of the 9 inside the shelter and even though we got up as soon as the bus pulled up, the driver drove off without even checking - so we had to wait for next bus - therefore waited almost half and hour at shelter. When I mentioned it (in a pleasant way) to the next driver she just shrugged dismissively. Allow half an hour to be picked up.

  • Paul Dawson

Booking online was easy and the best value. The entrance is slightly easy to miss and it was also slightly hard to find the way out. If you study how to get in the entrance and look for the exit signs early, this is a great place to park. Shuttle was there fairly quickly on both arrival and departure. All in all perfect. From International arrival , through customs and bag collections, to getting in the car was slightly less than 1 hour. Perfect. thanks

  • C Green

Great idea as ideal location, however execution and service is poor. Bus does not run every 25 minutes as promised, so you need to be aware of this for flight bookings. Takes forever to exit car park and exit to ring road to City, when you add up the time taken for this and waiting for the bus you may as well use the off Airport parking. Please tell me why the two boom gates to exit, never seen this anywhere and the 2nd one takes forever to open.

  • Trent B

UPDATED - I used AIRPARK last weekend and it was easy and better than the previous time, the whole process from booking in to arriving, traveling to the terminal and when we returned was comfortable and efficient. Due to this I have changed my rating from 3 to 4 stars. Was very easy to use and not unfairly prices. Reason for 3 stars is the bus to the airport the driver was quite rude and drove a little crazy. Bus when we came back had no issues.

  • Wane Irvine

Been trying since Wednesday morning to book long-term parking as I have several times before being fifo get through the entire process but won't except payment tried again this morning and the price has gone up again last month it was $49 for 7 days last week was $59 for 7 days and today $69 for 7 days that's just criminal nothing improved still have wait for the buses never on time and no way to complain other than publicly

  • Gerald Muller

Boo to the corporation that owns this for trying to hide the fact that the first hour is free. No signs anywhere stating this, and no mention on their website. Boo, hiss, nasty greedy corporation. It's an ideal place to stop and wait for passengers to land and come out for pickup, but the greedy little corporation doesn't want lots of 'freeloaders' waiting on their hallowed soil, so they keep very, very mum about it. BOOOO!

  • Joshua Banks

Great idea. Poor execution. Plenty of parking space and fantastic pricing, but with the 25 minute wait for the bus to pick you up plus the 10mins it takes to be dropped off, it's a huge time sink. Most importantly though, I had NO IDEA how to get back to my car when arriving back in Brisbane. There are no instructions, no signs, and I couldn't find anything on the website. Pretty crucial information isn't it?

  • Steve Grech

Booked and prepaid for undercover parking which had been oversold therefore no space for my car. Forced to park in open and of course hail storm occurred. Develop a system so that those loyal customers who book an pay ahead actually get a park...or don't make the offer you can't deliver on, and just tell people that at peak periods there may not be a spot so one can make alternative arrangements

  • Mark Blake

Never again. Terrible bus service, after waiting the full 15 mins after arriving on a long flight the bus turns up drops off passengers, shut the door in our face without explanation and drove off. 6/10/2019 at 7.45pm. Submitted a complaint on their website and got no response, then followed up with a phone call, and still no reply, its already 3 months. Brisbane Airpark obviously doesnt care.

  • Matt Scan

Good price for parking however the "20 minute wait" was extended to 30 minutes on the way to the terminal and 35 minutes on the way back to the car park. For other uses I would recommend hopping on a staff bus that regularly go past (every 10 minutes or so) and walk to Airpark. Allow extra time when departing if you use this service as it is not reliable enough if you have a flight to catch.

  • Tori Dibley

WORST SERVICE EVER!first time I had used this service I prepaid $48.00. soon leaving it charged my credit card a further $59.00 ( which they accept as their fault).Manager told me they are refunding me & money will be back in my account in 1-2hrs. Instead im told it will be 7 to 10 days.TOTAL SCREW UP OF A SERVICE.THIEFS. WILL NEVER USE AGAIN AND DON'T RECOMMEND TO ANYONE.

  • Dennis Jackson

BEWARE when using online booking and using Android Pay Pass. I booked and paid online with credit Card. Then used Android pay pass on phone for entry and exit. Result is that it deducted the online charge as well as a drive in/out charge as their system doesn't recognise the Virtual Number applied to the same card. Other than that good service, never had an issue with bus'

  • Christopher Mata

I booked and pre paid for non undercover air park. Had pre-authorisation appear in my bank statement with an expected charge of $59 for 2 weeks. Upon arrival I went to find bar code to realise no email had come through, requiring me to select a standard ticket, which over 8 days was in excess of $110. Who can I speak to to have this looked into? Thanks

  • Allie Coutts

Location is all good. I was arriving at airport at 5.30 am & Website indicates buses will be every 7-10 Mins. Bus stop sign AT Airpark displays 15-25 minutes. Others already waiting indicated it had already been 30 minutes. So my top tip is - allow for PLENTY of time!! Quite a significant difference b/w 10 mins & 30+mins when it comes to airport travel

  • David Leigh

Absolutely horrendous!! Card machines never work properly, especially AMEX. They say the bus comes every 15 minutes - absolute garbage. As I type this the bus took 20 minutes to get here, the driver puts on an out of service sign and proceeds to have a go have a lie down on the bus - what a joke!! Not worth it, park somewhere else or get an Uber

  • Troy Ballantyne

Bad experience, poor communication, website is so confusing for wanting info or directions, also is it BNE or Airpark ? Tried to call them and kept getting directed to wrong car park. The shuttle is also infrequent, had to catch an Uber to guarantee timing. No schedule of bus times, so it’s a hit and miss if you have to wait 25 minutes .

  • Martin Adam

Signage as you approach the airport is poor. Air park 1 was full, was directed to Airpark 2 which takes extra time. Air park 2 almost full, hard to find a park. Almost non existent signage in the car park to direct you to the bus. Bus took more than 10 mins and when it did arrive could not take everyone, so some were left behind.

  • Bec

When wanting to catch bus back to car there are no signs anywhere. Website says - pick up where you got dropped off- which I couldn't remember. Tried to call airpark which rang out. Some decent signage, answering your phone and more information on the website would go a long way to make this a more pleasant experience.

  • Neil Marshall

My first time using Airpark and I was pleased with the whole experience. Good value for a 10 day open air park. Was able to park within 20 metres of a bus transfer pick up point. My only suggestion is for larger "Way out" signs. Tip for customers is to ensure you take note of the parking aisle and bus pick up point.

  • Geoff Colledge

Air park was easy to find and good value , seeing as I had a promo code and could get a good price on undercover . I knew the undercover area is only in Airpark 1 , not 2, so maybe that could be emphasized to new customers. The bus came along shortly after I arrived on forward and return , so it was quick transit

  • Sharon Turkington

Second time I’ve used this service but again it was so easy to use, convenient and great value for money. As a single woman, even arriving home around midnight, I didn’t feel unsafe with the Airpark well lit and clearly sign marked. I’ll definitely recommend to my friends and use it again in the future.

  • A S

A nice cheap way to park your car at the airport. Once you park your car getting to the airport is quick and convenient, a bus every 10mins in peak time. However remember where you got dropped off because there aren’t any signs showing you where to get picked up from. Overall I’d use this service again.

  • Ross Harry

Had a courtesy email come thru from Airpark upon landing in Brissy. Detailed I was parked in Airpark 2 and to get off at Stop D. Not sure how the system would record this. Confused me at first but eventually I ignored it and got off at Stop C where I was parked. Nice try but not quite there yet.

  • Toby Innes

The Valet service made the start of our recent holiday to Portugal a smooth experience. The staff were friendly and polite. On return (after 31 hours of travel) our car was waiting to go. The staff helped me load our luggage into our car which had been immaculately cleaned while we were away.

  • Rob Farquhar

Somehow ended up in this CarPark instead of Airport International arrivals . Appalling signage to the terminals and other car parks especially to a visitor at night. Not a good introduction to Brisbane. I was stranded in the wrong area for over 50 minutes before I found someone to direct me.

  • Ashleigh Brown

Airpark was great. It was very affordable and right near the airport. The buses are great coming every 20 minutes. The signage to exit is however terrible. There is a tiny sign which can hardly be seen, especially when it is raining and dark. Overall though extremely good value for money.

  • Tam

2 stars because the driver was rude. Stopped to chat and gossip for 10 minutes. And I waited 40 minutes not 25 minutes at the domestic terminal. First driver was lovely though, nz dude, super friendly and efficient. So I guess it depends on who you get. Old grey haired balding guy sucked.

  • Ingrid Brouwer

Okay so it’s my fault I lost my car you did say it’s in D Carpark but do you really let a lone woman trudge around for 2 hours at 9pm all by herself. You lost me there you inconsiderate men…..never again and no good words coming from my mouth as to why anyone would park there after that

  • Ben Waters

Great value if you pre book online and scout the internet for their coupon codes. Try their Facebook page for specials. Two weeks of outdoor parking under $100. Easy access to the domestic and international terminals with buses leaving every 15 minutes during the peak times of the day.

  • Dan Talbot

Absolutely appealing one min past 24hrs and charged 2 full days..... And the bus was five mins late so not even my fault, then aboused me for 20mins on PA system to make it look well over the 24hrs before I paid, had to pay just to get away from the abusive behaviour. DO NOT USE THEM

  • Jeffery E Doherty

It was the first time we used them but it won't be our last. It was easy to find and park, the bus arrived at the bus stop as we did. We hopped on and drove to the terminal.The return trip was just as easy. The convience was well worth the extra we had to pay over the train.

  • Lol Walters

Really poor. One week it was $80 and the next $97.99. A pop came up with 12% discount, I paid the parking but the discount doesn't apply to undercover parking. WT? Got a full refund. Reviews for airpark are not good either. Don't go through them. I'll pay extra elsewhere.

  • Peter Larter

The first time I was confused about which bus it was and did a roundabout and ended up back at the airport. The second time I waited at least 25 minutes while 2 staff buses went past. On the positive, the bus drivers are friendly. I will try a private service next time.

  • David stevens

Well worth it. Easy pick up/drop off. 1 little dodgy thing. MAKE SURE , if you plan to arrive 7am & leave 3pm. U should be booking 5am-5pm. Even though it's a same day fee.if you arrive earlier than stated,or leave later than you'rve stated. $10extra fee per correction

  • Hayden M

Used this park a few times now. Love it People, complain too much. It’s cheap, easy to access and a bus does run every 15mins. check the schedule. (which is online for times) Yes, your car will get dirty, get over it. Yes, no toilets. But you won’t wait too long.

  • Jake Black

The parking is close and well priced however the bus ride is not a consistent pick up or drop off time. Had to catch an uber to the airport after waiting 30mins and waited the full 25mins on the way back. The service requires more buses or set times for pick-up.

  • Nhu-y Huynh

I've previously used portside parking & I have to say it's better customer service & more frequent bus services than airport park. Airpark was easy to book & smooth entry to the carpark but buses weren't very frequent. Bus driver wasn't overly friendly either.

  • Terry O'Brien

Website problems….. I have tried 10 times on multiple browsers to pre-pay for a park. The website happily collects all your information, but will not accept any payments….see previous posts from other customers with same issue. What a poorly managed business.

  • Dominique Chauby

Practical And Affordable as it is open 24/7...Fantastic when you have a late plane..But We found the wait of the bus (specifically at night) too long.. They should have an option with cover parkings as well.... But we will be still probably using it again...

  • breny Irish

Parking price has more than doubled in the last month and parks arn't guaranteed when you pre book. I'm a 7/7 fifo worker who paid $45 a week up to 1 month ago. Price now is $95 as of sep. 2022. This was a 5 star service prior to the ridiculous price hike.

  • Andy McLaren

$65 million a year in profit but when my car got vandalised in their carpark they didnt want to know. Poor customer service and your car is NOT SAFE in their car parks. Zero security except for a few useless CCTV. Better using off site private car parks.

  • Raj Elango

Reasonable pricing but the only downside is bus pick up timing. Buses take forever to come for pick ups. Has to catch a cab the first time I parked just to get to int Terminal. I’m booking again in 2 weeks time and I hope it’s better this time round!

  • DogMilker

You can stick your price increase where the sun don't shine!!! What an absolute joke. Going from $49 a week to $99 a week in less than a couple of months. I'm a FIFO worker and use airpark every week I'm away. I won't be using your service anymore!!

  • S Rose

I had expected better signage thus was complacent and didn't enter directions into my GPS...causing a lot of driving on the long one-way airport area roads with limited ability to get back there. Wasted 20mins driving up and down, due to

  • Nate

Good parking, easy to access, love the security. Clean. Free pickup buses, run on time and promptly. Toilets aren't cleaned regularly. Well priced, closer to airport than others. Plenty of parking spaces. Look out for those promo codes.

  • Jaimie Frazer

They say it's 10 minutes from the terminal, but that's by bus, and the bus only comes every half hour or so. One of the offsite on demand bus places will cost you less and be more reliable. At least there's free wifi while you wait...

  • Kaiser Sosak

Airpark website provided a simple timetable, the shuttle runs every 15 mins 5am to 9:30am and every 20 mins 9:30am-5am however the sign at the bus stop state a number of times 15-25 mins which differ depending on what day it is, this

  • Sarah Armstrong

It might be cheaper... but no toilet near undercover park after 2.5 hour drive could have been fun.... on way home wait too long for bus. Interesting apparently it's more important for staff to get home 2 to 1 ratio on bus's seen....

  • Yousof Ghazzawi

cheap parking, nice location. would have gaven 5 stars. However, very bad bus drivers. showing attitude towards the customers. shouting all the time. Disrespectful. won't use the parking again unless they replace their bus drivers

  • John Maroney

Used twice. Never again. Wait for the bus 25 minutes, with stops, loading and unloading passengers and luggage another 25 minutes. RIDICULOUS!.. could walk it faster. The only positive is the price however not worth the hassle

  • yuzhi chen

20mins waiting is a lots! I would recon other parking facility as some privately running, pick up on time and great staff with great services(especially if u got several baggie). Honestly won't consider air park in the future.

  • Cherie F (Cee & Sime)

We always use Airpark as it’s is a convenient and affordable way to park at the airport for long stays. The shuttle is easy to jump on with its consistent round trips to both Domestic, International and parking areas.

  • Kris Nyunt

Great place for long term parking if you're going to be out of town for a bit. Beats the taxi prices for sure. Not undercover so there's that. Shuttles to and from the terminals are timely and very convenient.

  • Kathy Johnston

Very disappointed with the big price increase over the past couple of weeks - I will need to look at alternative parking options which is disappointing as Airpark has been very convenient for me in the past.

  • Timothy King

Airpark was very nice and user friendly. Bus driver was really nice and cheerful although the sun was barely out. I'd recommend it if you are traveling for a trip. Remember to book online for better rate.


I am trying to book Airpark online but the website keeps redirecting me to the more expensive options i.e. terminals at the airport. Never had any problems before as I always use the Airpark option,

  • Bill Smith

Very convenient parking with good bus service My only problem is the way out directional signs are very difficult to read and detect at night Also the directional markings on the road are very poor

  • Brad Clegg

The advertised start time is not correct - 3:30am and every 10minutes is not correct. Waiting 30 minutes and not seen a bus in Seevice - with a few other waiting customers. Ohh here it is

  • Shane Dowdall

Why has long term parking jumped up in price by $30 and your booking online is constantly offline. This service is price gouging and your rubbish booking system is crashing constantly

  • Benson B

Convenient open air parking option close to Brisbane airport with good connectivity by bus to the terminals. Online booking and entry via QR code allows for paperless transactions.

  • Harmit Chadha

Rubbish website. Doesn't work. Tried endless times to pay but website crashes. No way to contact airpark via phone or email. Pathetic customer service. All they want is your money.

  • Andy Rose

Cheaper than on-airport parking and easy to book at short notice. Bus takes you to the terminal. Could do with some better signage to make finding the terminal bus stops easier.

  • tracey cox

The park was good but my flight arrived after the last bus to the park at 12.30am and there were no taxis either, had to walk 3kms to the carpark in the middle of the night.

  • Sandra Lummis

I found Airpark so easy to book online. The Airpark bus runs very frequently and gets you to your destination hassle-free. I will definitely park here again.

  • Martin Witchard

Good value if you book in advance. Shuttle bus service not frequent enough during most of the day. Make sure you arrive in time to check-in for your flight.

  • James Manson

No refund or credit if you cancel a booking within 24hrs of first day . Think way might atleast give credit for the remaining days . But no .

  • Elliott

Used to he $59 for a week 6 months ago...more then double... Nothing but price gouging. Using alpha and Andrews parking now on

  • James Turner

Terrible, web site never works...can't pre book...then you have to pay MORE just to push a button to collect a ticket...

  • Stafford Loader

Airpark is a great option to the train and they have hassle free shuttle bus to take you to and from the terminal

  • Jim Taylor

Great deal on the parking is what got me there, so keep giving out special discounts and I'll keep coming back.

  • Billy G

Very good service for very low cost, huge space, everyone can find the spot for themselves. Highly recommended

  • Arul Rajah

I have been using for sometime. It is disappointing to see the prices are up now. However easy to use.

  • Tara Stubbs

Great service! Easy to find and so convenient if you need to take your own car. Very affordable.

  • Tarek Mikhail

Vey easy to access. The bus is perfect and very convenient. I highly recommend Airpark Carpark

  • Tee Gee

Easy parking, catch the bus to the airport and back again after our trip. Stress free.

  • Jamal Ahmed

Brisbane Airpark, 1 hour free to park, and it's very cheap $10 a day.

  • Louise Bell

number plate recognition did not work but apart from that all good

  • Karen Dolan

Number plate recognition made the process so much easier!

  • Lucille Hopkins

Easy parking, bus comes often to transport to airport

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