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리본스파에스테틱 reborn spa.aesthetic is a Spa located at South Korea, Busan, Haeundae-gu, Jungdong 1-ro 37beon-gil, 12 2층. It has received 275 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 stars.





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  • The address of 리본스파에스테틱 reborn spa.aesthetic: South Korea, Busan, Haeundae-gu, Jungdong 1-ro 37beon-gil, 12 2층

  • 리본스파에스테틱 reborn spa.aesthetic has 5.0 stars from 275 reviews

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  • "While visiting Busan, I was in desperate need of a massage and fortunately stumbled upon Reborn Spa onlinei"

    "Absolutely amazing experience at Reborn spa"

    "This place is excellent spa, it's personal experience catered to your needs"

    "When we decided to come to Korea one thing I wanted to experience was a Korean facial"

    "TRULY! Just WOW! As a foreigner I truly did have no expectations but was really exited to try out a facial in Korea"


  • Marge Enrique

While visiting Busan, I was in desperate need of a massage and fortunately stumbled upon Reborn Spa onlinei. It was already 9 pm when I arrived, and to my luck, I was greeted by Jina at 9:30 pm, who had just finished treating another client. I explained that I didn't have an appointment but asked if could still get a massage. Jina was very accommodating and took the time to sit me down and discuss my skin and body care concerns. Once she had an understanding of my needs, she presented several treatment plan options with varying prices. I selected a mid-range option which included a combination of a back massage and facial. After choosing my desired treatment, Jina led me to the changing room, which smelled amazing, and kindly provided me with a comfortable robe. Jina made me feel at home with her helpfulness. I'd like to note that I did not have an appointment and just showed up at 9 PM, but Jina ensured to take care of me. Treatment experience: Nothing short of Amazing! Jina started with the back massage, and it was everything I wanted and more. Jina's strength and technique were perfect, which made me wonder how someone so petite was so strong. She worked on my trapezius area where I held a lot of tension which resulted in making me feel relaxed. Notably, I usually fall asleep during massages but with Jina's technique, I stayed awake and savored every stroke she performed. The facial was next, and it was the highlight of my visit. Jina explained each product she was mixing ranging from vitamin care to nourishing treatments, and massaged my face entirely. Her massage work was spectacular and felt my skin rejuvenating with every touch. The facial gave me a beautiful glow that lasted for weeks. When the session was done, I opened my eyes and asked her to marry me because that's how amazing she made me feel haha! Check out: i left buying all the products she suggested and asked her for all beauty producy advise and even that was spot on. After trying all thr beauty products I purchased in Seoul from Sulwasoo to Olive Young, the products especially the face mask she recommended was by far the best I've used. To put it simply, Reborn Spa is AMAZING! My experience with Jina and her spa was so calming and soothing that I keep telling my friends about it. All thanks to the magical touch of the spa's owner, Jina. You can tell she is dedicated to her craft as she puts her heart and soul into the spa. She even works long crazy long hours from 6 am to midnight. Her warm touch stems from her healing energy, and it radiates so beautifully, making you feel like you're in a peaceful oasis. The reviews say it all, if you're looking for an amazing spa experience, Reborn Spa with Jina is where you should go. To Jina, this is my love letter to you . Thank you for what you do!

  • Janine Tran

Absolutely amazing experience at Reborn spa. Jina and Jiye are incredibly accomodating and friendly. Upon arrival they greeted us, sat us down and served us tea. They consulted us and asked us about our body concerns and recommended us which treatments would suit us best. The whole process was smooth with incredible service. I went for the full body lymph massage which took about 2-3 hours, the message itself was incredibly relaxing with the right amount of pressure. I came out of the massage room relaxed and satisfied. They took before and after photos and it was crazy to see how much of my swelling went down from their incredible massage. I have nothing negative to say about this place everything was a positive experience from beginning to end. I definitely recommend this to anyone that is in Busan or is visiting! Already booking my next appointment as we speak. An amazing experience and totally worth the time and money!

  • Veronica Chen

This place is excellent spa, it's personal experience catered to your needs. I had a massage and a facial. You can chat with the spa to make an appointment, but you need a deposit to confirm. When you arrive you can pick your treatment. The spa therapist Kim Gina pays attention to your needs, and customizes your treatment. You can shower first, the bed is warm, and they give you a robe and slippers. Highly recommend the massage, it's different from the US, probably focused on female lymphatic release. Price of facial goes from 90+ and massage 260+. The place is located on second floor, behind the main pedestrian street.

  • Sheila Litman

When we decided to come to Korea one thing I wanted to experience was a Korean facial. We came to Busan and found Reborn Spa and after a two hour facial I truely feel reborn. It was a beautiful and relaxing experience. Jina was very thorough and experienced with a beautiful calm manner. I felt I was in good hands from the moment she started the treatment. I would say it was the best facial I have had! If you come to Busan, Haundae, come for a real gift of self love. My husband also enjoyed a full body massage with Jiye and he was beyond satisfied. Two hours flew by and he was very happy. Thank you Reborn Spa❤️

  • Melanie Viera

TRULY! Just WOW! As a foreigner I truly did have no expectations but was really exited to try out a facial in Korea. First of all the staff here were so accommodating, they really make you feel like you are wanted in the place. I had the “love luxury package” and I think this may be the best treatment I have ever had. I loved that they were focusing on the realignment of my mussels around the neck and shoulders area. All of the products felt amazing on my skin and I left the place having booked for a follow up appointment. A truly great experience for anyone wanting a relaxing treatment.

  • Alexander Fulgencio Jr.

As it is my first time in Busan, I wanted to find a spa that would take care of my needs and Reborn Spa.Aesthetic is the place that did just that. They are very family oriented and want to know everything that aches on your body so that they can give the best recommendation for you. As I was looking for a full body massage, I decided to go with the flow massage which included a facial. I also included the hydrotherapy which helped with my blood flow before the massage. I recommend this spa to everyone that visits Busan, as I plan on coming here every time I visit Busan!

  • Naomi molenkamp

We are travelling in South Korea and wanted to experience a good facial treatment. At Reborn Spa we had the best experienced we could have wished for. The ladies are so caring and sweet. They listen to what you need and make the right treatment for you. It was the best we ever had in our life! If we would live here we would come every month. They use massage techniques with the facial treatment at the same time which makes it super relaxing. We were shining afterwards and so so happy we found this amazing place! Thank you so much!!!

  • Veronica

The staff is very skilled in what they do and really took the time to understand our concerns regarding our skin. We trusted them in making a recommendation for our facial treatment and we were beyond satisfied with the service we received. My only wish was that we could've stayed longer but sadly we had to make our way back home. It was an intimate, personalized experience that I'd recommend to anyone looking to unwind and relax while in Busan.

  • Dianne A

I had amazing experience at the spa! They were very helpful with selecting the best facial program for my skin type! I had difficulty finding the location and arrived a few minutes late, however they were accommodating and understanding. This was truly a relaxing experience and I hope I can schedule one more appointment before I leave. If you're looking for a facial and massage program in Busan, stop looking and come here!

  • nau muang

OMG!! This place is absolutely amazing. The staffs was so kind, polite and caring. I came here for my first full body spa and scalp treatment. It was so good, my full body became lighter, my muscles were aligned. My cap felt so good and it doesn’t even itch anymore. If I came to Busan, I will definitely come here again. I love this place 10/10, worth the money so do try out the place if you have a chance.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Yelyzaveta Burda

I can surely say that I didn't get a massage before in my life after experiencing THIS. I had a whole body massage and a facial. My whole body feels renewed and so easy, my skin is glowing and body lines are just beautiful! Not just that, but they helped me also to fix my walking style that was causing lots of problems! Thanks a lot for the team, I recommend it to everyone!!! Thanks a lot again to the team ☺️

  • Sasha Graves

This was my first time in Busan and it was raining the while weekend. I decided to go to a spa and I'm so glad I chose Teborn. Everyone was very friendly, the offer tea and water at the end and beginning of your experience, and the whole thing was calming and enjoyable. The music helped you stay relaxed. I feel like a new person. I recommend this place to anyone who needs to rejuvenate themselves.

  • Raven Venti

First time at a spa, 10/10. They allowed us to come in early & worked with our schedules. Very nice, it felt like such a healing & rejuvenating experience. They were very eager to help us find a treatment that would suit us well. I don’t know how else to say I felt loved coming here. I won’t want to go anywhere else ever again. It’s worth every penny spent, I’d gladly come back & spend it again.

  • Tina Nguyen

Phenomenal head spa, the staff was very meticulous and took their time with every step. I suffer from chronic scalp itch and my scalp felt so relieved during the whole process. Please consider stopping by here if you’re ever in Busan!! The massage during the headspa appointment was amazing and makes me wish I had more time here to schedule a full body massage! Thank you Jina & Jiye!

  • 송유나

Truly recommend. I got a full-body massage, and I feel like my whole body circulation is improved. Painful parts like shoulders and legs feel much better. The swelling of the face definitely goes down a lot. It was so satisfying incomparable to other massages. Masseuses are so kind, so skilled and the overall service is really good. If you need to stop by Haeundae, make sure to go!

  • do909l66

I had a wonderful facial and massage session here during my trip to Korea. It was very relaxing and I was treated very warmly by the two ladies who made sure I felt comfortable at every turn. Very visible results after the massage - my jaw line is sharper and my neck is straighter, and my skin looks like its glowing! Amazing service, highly recommend to give this place a try

  • christine L

The best facial experience I ever had ! Lady owner is very lovely, kind and patient. Even though the communication is limited in english, she made the effort to explain a suitable treatment. Massage is pretty awesome too. This place gives a very cosy vibes, certainly make you feel at home. Definitely will patronise them again whenever I come to Busan. Highly recommend !!

  • Khaleda Akter

I got my first Korean facial in Busan and it was very relaxing! I felt very pampered, there was a massage involved with the facial and there was definitely improvement in my face afterwards. They told me the best results will be seen within a couple of days! But my face definitely had the glow and brightening I had wanted. Wonderful spot for a facial!

  • Hannah Lee

Amazing spa experience!! The staff were incredibly kind and accommodating for me and my friend who are english speakers. The massage and scalp treatment were very soothing. The staff were also really quick to respond on Kakao T and made the reservation process super easy. Great ambiance and well decorated space as well! I would definitely come back :)

  • Ann Lam

Amazing spa experience in Busan! We wanted something a bit more intimate and they were able to get myself, sister, and boyfriend in the same day. My sister and I received scalp treatments and facials and are hair looked so healthy after. We glowed as well! My boyfriend also loved his massage. Definitely recommend supporting this local business :)

  • Christi Geick

My boyfriend and I had a facial, back and foot massage here after seeing an ad on the plane. I’ve never had a facial before and only a massage once so I didn’t know what to do. These therapists were so professional and talented! I looked in the mirror after like, “who’s she?” I feel so relaxed and I wish I could go for a photo shoot now! Thanks!

  • Morgan S

We came to Reborn Spa as a couple and realized later their focus was typically for women. They were very accommodating and treated us both excellently. I had never had a facial, and I realize I've been missing out. After a lot of travel, is the most relaxed I've been in weeks. Highly recommended for a personal and custom experience.

  • Krisel Macatangay

I booked this treatment after a long haul flight and it was so worth it. The facial and massage was so relaxing that I fell asleep. My face was also glowing afterwards! I had fun chatting with the owner and she even shared a dessert with me. Will definitely recommend this to my friends and come back next time I’m in Busan …

  • Annie

I was greeted kindly and the employees took time to understand my skin and what I wanted. They listened closely and curated a package for me. I am very happy with the facility. It is very clean and sophisticated. If I return to Busan, I will only come back here, it is the best! I feel so happy and my body is relaxed and fresh.

  • Nora Beck

I had a relaxing and wonderful experience during my facial and scalp treatment. The spa has a very relaxing atmosphere and the staff are very skilled. The products used are luxurious and left my skin feeling hydrated! The staff spoke good English and used google translate when needed. I highly recommend this spa!

  • Amy Yu

Spa was located on 2nd floor. Amazingly relaxing massage and facial session, focused a lot lymph and wrinkles. Session took about 2 hours. Arrived and did a consult to discuss skin concerns to target and you can choose a massage/facial package based on your concerns. Would definitely come again when in Busan.

  • Leonore De Mullewie

I have no words but AMAZING. This was, by very far, the best facial I’ve ever had. The salon is very clean and lovely. The ladies who take care of you are so thoughtful and put such much efforts for you to have a great time from head to toes! I wish I would live in Busan just for this place. Thank you!

  • Beatriz Bueno Dorea

I had a great experience at this spa! The staff were very welcoming and friendly. The packages available were great and the staff provided great assistance with picking the right package for your needs - most certainly one of the best facial treatments I have gotten. Definitely recommend!

  • David Buchanan

My wife took me here as part of our anniversary celebration - 10/10! Aside from being completely professional and attentive, our massage therapists were friendly and made sure we got what we needed. It was definitely an amazing experience and I highly recommend making that appointment!

  • Cassie Grisanti

Jina gave me a wonderful facial experience and helped me with all my skin concerns. She took the time to talk to me about what products she wanted to use and why. The neck and arm massage that came with the facial was incredible and my face was glowing afterwards. Would recommend!

  • Jewel Cha

My first authentic Korean facial experience and it was really nice. Customer service was excellent from start to finish, and they took care of each of our skin requirements. My favourite part was the massage, as they tried to massage my knot. Would recommend this place 10/10!

  • Carrie Mueller

What an experience if you live in or visit Korea!! It’s a must. We booked a facial and massage. They are so talented. I would come every week if I lived in the area. They stretch you, make your skin look and feel amazing, and take such great care of your mind and body.

  • Jasper Cha

First time having authentic Korean Facial and I am glad I have it at Reborn Facial! The entire experience are so great! Highly recommended to anyone coming to Busan! The entire facial experience is smooth and the ladies are so great with the facial and massage. ☺️…

  • Francisco Martinez-Oronoz

Amazing experience. They were able to fit us in same day. Incredibly kind and made us feel comfortable the entire time. Very professional and very relaxing. A must do in Busan! Highly recommended. We got both massages and facials and would come back on our next trip.

  • Hipster with Tats

I sent my girlfriend here for treatment and it was a wonderful experience! Staff were so kind, attentive, and highly professional. Foreigner friendly as well! I would highly recommend everyone to come here. Thank you to the Reborn Staff for the memorable experience.

  • olivia park

Very accommodating with excellent results. This was my first spa appointment since ive had my baby, and was amazing. My body feels refreshed and renewed. Very peaceful and i was able to accommodate to bring my baby. Thank you for your care! ❤️ ~from USA !!…

  • Kelly Smith

I had a wonderful experience at this spa! Jina and Jiye took great care of me. I received the harmony treatment and left feeling like a different person. This was the only massage I received in Busan and it was well worth it. I look forward to visiting again.

  • Isabela Madrigal

Fantastic experience! Everyone was so nice and accommodating, and the treatment was incredible. Back and foot massage with a light facial and scalp treatment, all super relaxing! Would highly recommend for foreigners visiting Busan for the first time!

  • Pernille Nørskov

The best facial I ever had! Such a relaxing and calm experience. I also got a massage to loosen up my shoulder and neck, and lymphatic drainage which slimmed my face so much. The relaxing atmosphere is so good. I will come again next time for sure. ❤️

  • lilly kelleher

First time having a massage and it was amazing experience Jina and Jiye are very experienced. Would highly recommend it! We had the full body lymphatic treatment it is very thorough I feel a noticeable difference. Thankyou to both …

  • Angelica Casaverde

I got the lifting facial and it was incredible. I felt so comfortable and relaxed the entire time. There was a big difference in my neck and jawline after facial. My skin was left glowing and hydrated. Will definitely come back. Thank you!

  • Natalie Orr

I had an amazing facial and scalp treatment, the products applied were lovely and hydrating and the massage was very relaxing. The best facial I have ever had, would highly recommend and will return someday for another treatment.

  • Yvonne Pei

The treatment is amazing! The service is so detailed, thorough and caring. The best hair, facial and body treatment my husband and I have ever had. We will come back again when I visit Haeundae again. Life changing experience!

  • Dindson Phua

I love how attentive and meticulous the therapists are despite the language barrier! This is the first massage and facial that I did in Korea and it surely is the best that I've had. Please keep up the excellent work …

  • Matthew Shinseki

This was the most holistic, thorough massage we have ever experienced. We truly feel “reborn” and rejuvenated! A great refreshing way to end our visit to Busan. Very attentive staff, beautiful and clean space.

  • superviper3166

The facial and the massage were great, very relaxing. A lot of eye for detail. They were very friendly and listened to how we wanted the treatment to be done. I would totally recommend it when you’re in Busan

  • Brenda Yang Tan

The place has a nice atmosphere and the facial procedure is very detailed, calming and relaxing. They did a massage to ensure you are fully relaxed. You can tell the difference after the facial. Thank you :)

  • Melissa Kim

Above and beyond! Warm hospitality and superb technique. The staff makes you feel safe and relaxed for the whole duration, and I am glowing! Would come here all the time if I weren’t a tourist in Busan.

  • Kimmy nel

The experience was amazing here, I really enjoyed it a lot. I got the chakra treatment with a full body massage. Would definitely recommend! The staff were also very welcoming and friendly. Thank you!

  • Jina Welter

My sister wanted a spa morning during our vacation. We were able to get appointments together. I had a wonderful facial! Relaxing and my skin looked so dewy afterwards. Wish we could come back again.

  • Dr. Priyadarshini Borah

The experience exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I walked in, the ambiance was serene and inviting, creating a relaxing atmosphere that set the tone for an indulgent spa experience.… 자세히

  • Ebony Stewart

Great services offered and best experience for a first time visit. I felt so at ease and relaxed the entire time. The body scrub was amazing and the shampoo put me to sleep. Definitely recommend!

  • Annika Kim

지인 추천으로 방문했는데 정말 너무너무 감동했어요. 선생님들도 너무 친절하시구 신경써주시구.. 피로가 그동안 엄청 쌓여있어서 몸도 마음도 무거워져있었는데 마사지 한번으로 싹 날라가버리더라구요 완전 감동!!! 안색도 밝아지고 몸이 확실히 가벼워진게 바로 보여요. 마사지가 아니라 치료 받고온 느낌^^ 힐링 하고 갑니다 감사합니다 …

  • Kathy Chua

I do their facial. Is amazing. Their facial massage is superb. I love it very much and will come back again if I come back to busan again. Will recommend to family and friends.

  • Ben Cunningham

I loved the massage and the facial. I did the peeling treatment. My skin feels new. I am younger. I have more energy. The whole experience and the staff were great!

  • mafa rifi

Had such a great experience!! I will definitely be coming back. The ladies are very sweet and patient and did an amazing job. I definitely recommend coming here.

  • Caroline Curtis

My first facial and what an amazing experience! Such a pleasant time and cozy atmosphere. The ladies were so nice and accommodating. I can’t wait to come back!

  • Mary T. Bolwahnn

Great spa experience! Wonderful spa employees and facilities. Feeling refreshed after facial and foot scrub/massage. Would recommend their services!

  • Torri Streeks

The facial and massage were fantastic!! She fixed all my tension and my skin looks and feels great!! One of the best spa experiences I have had!

  • Michelle Gelejian

Best facial and massage I’ve ever had! The service was great and Ji Ye and Jin A were very friendly. Definitely recommend everyone to come here!

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