Morningstar Storage

182 reviews

6366 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240



Morningstar Storage is a Self-storage facility located at 6366 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240. It has received 182 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars.





Frequently Asked Questions

  • The address of Morningstar Storage: 6366 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240

  • Morningstar Storage has 4.6 stars from 182 reviews

  • Self-storage facility

  • "My name is Angela and my experience with this facility was a complete disaster, a nightmare"

    "About a month ago I called morning star and I spoke to Allie the manager I was moving and my house was not ready so Allie assured me that their units are very safe lot of lighting and they also had 24 hour surveillance"

    "Excellent Service !!! I was searching for a good storage unit with reasonable rent with cleanliness"

    "Purchased a storage unit moving truck deal they had going on a while ago"

    "Katie & Cash at Watson & Taylor made our move in so "user friendly""


  • BlkMoonChile1969

My name is Angela and my experience with this facility was a complete disaster, a nightmare. I provided them with a card number to be used for monthly payments, when I noticed they weren't charging it, I called immediately. I spoke to someone and I then emailed the card # thinking all was good, that was Christmastime, 2016. I called AGAIN to double check and was told my stuff was fine and would not be lost, all was good. This was back in Jan 2017. I noticed AGAIN that the card wasn't charged, called back in Feb 2017 and spoke to the same person, Rick, and he sounded completely different this time. He wasn't friendly nor reassuring like before but he NEVER told me my things had already been JANUARY!!! I was shocked when I found out a couple weeks later that my stuff was gone, but the manager at the time and someone named Allie, Rick had left the company or transferred elsewhere, said they would call the buyer to see if they'd return my photos at the very least. They, the manager and Allie, said they always ask them if they would at least return those types of personal items. I have tried for the past TWO years to find out if the buyer was ever contacted and if by chance they returned my pictures. I was contacted once by a man named Todd in Spring of 2018 who said he'd try the buyer...never heard back. I have called and emailed many times after that and not one person has ever called me back until TODAY. I was just now told that they never contact buyers, would not ask them to return photos and that they don't even know who the buyers are! So, I was basically lied to. They could have told me this 2 yrs ago, I would never have held on to any hope my pictures would be returned! 25-30 yrs of really, really precious photos and other personal items, wedding album, all three of my babies' momentos, sonogram pics, family, high school & college friends and memories from that time are just gone. I had journals in there that I'd kept since age 12, college papers, awards. I had stressed to "Rick" or whatever his name was how important it was for me NOT to lose anything I had in storage. They say they called and sent letters about the auction, but I never got any messages, no letters. I never got any emails either and they had both my personal and work emails, there was no attempt to reach me there...had they done so, I'd have my things today. This company did not exhaust all methods to reach me because they really didn't care. They also had my ex-husband's phone number and address as alternate contact but never tried to reach him either, we are not hurting for money and could have paid them!!! The saddest part of losing my things is the complete lack of empathy from these people as if something like this is normal and OK even though it's their fault this happened, although it's my fault for putting such personal items in storage, I trusted Morningstar. I just cannot comprehend how they don't understand how important this was, especially the pictures, my life's photos, my memories, just GONE because of their negligence and their confusion, disorganization and DISHONESTY...absolutely unbelievable and they should be ashamed of themselves, for real. It's also very odd that no one would call back or respond to ANY emails...fortunately I kept records of everytime I reached out even though it was all useless.

  • Laura Lewis

About a month ago I called morning star and I spoke to Allie the manager I was moving and my house was not ready so Allie assured me that their units are very safe lot of lighting and they also had 24 hour surveillance. I went across town trusting her word. Moved my property into the unit. My unit was 5 steps away from the camera I loved that. The next morning Allie called me stating my unit wasn't locked properly I questioned that but went to the storage to check the lock I had no fear because my unit was 5 steps away from the camera. Crazy me I brought more stuff to place into the unit. Little did I know when I went to get all of my property 3 flat screen tvs were gone other little things but 3 flat screen tvs gone. Sapd was called the cameras was rolled back I on the cameras going into the unit but never coming out. Really I've moved into my home all settled in 3 missing tvs. Filed a claim with Corner Stone Ins. Sent me a letter stating they have no proof my tvs were there they're unable to help me. I went back to morning star storage. Spoke to the regional manager to see if he can help me in anyway because now I'm out of 3 tvs .He remembered me due to the incident. I spoke to him about the ins. company is not going pay for the tv's is there anyway you can help. He said he would talk with his manager and definitely get back with me .Well it's a week later still no call back. Thanks for caring. The regional manager know something is going on there because he said this is the reason I'm here .When the police arrived the maintenance guy said your back again. I highly recommend you Do Not Use Morning Star Storage unless you want your things to be stolen. Its some funny business going on over there and it's an inside job. Signature of a disappointed customer Laura Lewis

  • Prem Priya

Excellent Service !!! I was searching for a good storage unit with reasonable rent with cleanliness. Finally i visited this morning star storage unit in babcock unit. The beginning itself it was a good experience. The property manager Mr. Clayton Darby was so friendly and explained the facility and its features very well. He clearly listened to my needs and suggested which size of unit will be perfect for me. He took us tour to the facility and explained in detail. Manager is the great plus, and having confidence on the his words and approach, we immediately signed up for the required unit. The overall property is good and clean. The area is covered with good light so even in the night time if you happen to access your unit, it is easy and comfortable. I will recommend to my friends if they are in need of any storage unit.

  • Jose Sanchez

Purchased a storage unit moving truck deal they had going on a while ago. I came and got the truck, he said I could use it till the end of the day(before they closed). Everything was fine until about 4-5pm, the manager(John) had came out while I was using the truck, and told me "y'all gotta get out of here." I asked him why, and he said to me it was because he had 'family business' to attend to. Mind you the truck still had my things inside of it, and I had 1 more trip to make. I told him no, that I still needed it and reminded him what he told me when I picked u p the truck. Other than John being ridiculously rude and unprofessional, it's a decent storage place. I think it could definitely use better management though.

  • Candice Heidelberg-Denison

Katie & Cash at Watson & Taylor made our move in so "user friendly". I 1st saw their summer special online and had a couple of questions so called. Katie gave me the great online deal for our storage and then set us up over the phone. When I came in to sign my paperwork it took minimal time and we received a free lock! Within a week we had to acquire another storage area for all of our stuff (downsizing a family of 4 is not easy!) I called and Katie totally hooked us up with another storage area for a fabulous price kitty corner to our 1st! We have had nothing but positive interaction with Watson & Taylor Self Storage and I would totally recommend them. They truly helped take some of the stress out of moving!

  • J Ramos

Guys and gals, These facility has had several break ins and my unit was hit I suspect this past week. Per the facility manager, they are actively contacting all tenants to change out your locks but we somehow missed that call. It does appear to be an individual on foot or maybe driving a white truck. They are only targeting items that can be off loaded pretty quick. Not saying you shouldn't use the facility but do recommend you check for vacant units next to yours. That is how they gained entry into ours. I also do recommend you record serial numbers and take many many photos. Our insurance will cover but doesn't ease the feeling of being violated. Thanks

  • Eve W

I needed a storage unit for my household in transition to my new house and Liz helped me out getting a large unit on the same day. A used of a free truck was so helpful. But then I needed a second unit and Clayton helped me out. I appreciated all the help in making the my move less stressful. Very friendly and professional. I find the price less or comparable for the area. I like that I have access to my unit 24/7, unlike other storage places. I have had a unit with Morningstar since last September so the decision of getting the other units with them this time made sense. Thank you Clayton & Liz.

  • Big Meadow Homestead

The manager was very detailed with information about the unit and gave us the perfect unit. made us feel welcomed. He was always coming out in the heat of the day to offer cold water which was so refreshing. He had a young helper named Roel which also checked on us and helped us with heavy lifts.We are a senior couple and not very strong any more.I’m glad we chose Morning star for our needs. We moved all the way from California to San Antonio tx and this place made us very happy to have two people who really care that all our needs were met!

  • Iris.Monroe

I do NOT recommend leasing a storage here and for obvious reason. All these people do is harass & threaten you until your bill is paid. This letter was emailed out on 7/3/21 but NO ONES bill is considered late until 7/5/21. These people are so incompetent that they don’t know how to send just a basic email stating that they are going to be closed for the 4th of July holiday so they’d rather threaten you. This is the 2nd time they’ve done this. Please read the email letter that was sent out to those of us renting.

  • Carol Schuh

I have always been happy at this storage unit. I had a wonderful friendship with Vickie and her husband for many years. I contracted #387 at this facility in 2005. We obtained a second unit in 2011. Since Watson Taylor took over this facility we have continued to receive excellent care. They have ungrated the entire facility and have kept it in excellent condition. I have always enjoyed the employees and most recently I have received help from Katie. She is very friendly and most helpful. Carol Schuh #387

  • Aaron Shoemaker

This establishment is unorganized and faulty. I would not recommend this storage for the fact that they do not stick by their word. They charge you for space that you aren't using. Call management? Just got off the phone. They have no idea how to have effective communication with their renters nor how to run a business. Deeply dislike and will not recommend to anyone. I recommend using lock away storage right down the street. They are super sweet and take care of their renters unlike this storage unit.

  • Steve Harms

I have had a storage unit at MorningStar for several years. They were able to accommodate us when we needed to store our new travel trailer. The high rating has nothing to do with the facility itself and everything to do with the new manager Clayton. We were having some issues unhitching the trailer and when my wife went to ask for a tool, Clayton came out rolled up his sleeves and did the work himself! I don’t often write reviewsbut his actions were so impressive I had to acknowledge his great service

  • Marian Fischer

The staff was very friendly! I got all my questions answered and was shown to my unit. You will get a gate code for the 24/7 access, which other companies do not offer. There is a one time free use of a 15 ft moving truck for 4 hours! This will save us alot of money considering we will only need it for a few large items from our old apartment. Location is central to alot of residential areas, as well as close to UTSA. Overall great experience, clean unit, easy accessibility.

  • David Burmeister

This company is not worth your time or money. Someone representing themselves as the owner accused me of living there because I was working on a project in my unit for a few days. Then he blatantly stole my $100 extension cord even though the girl in the office said it was OK to use the power. The owners are not, nor do they act very Texan towards others and like I said, they literally stole from me. Don't waste your time or money here.

  • Benny Delgado

My experience with John Lauber and staff of Morningstar on Babcock has been of true professionalism and commitment on Mr. Lauber's part to serve. He has made my storage experience painless and seamless. In the past 5 months since starting to manage my two storage units he has made himself available to me and family at every turn. I would truly recommend this facility to anyone who requires it. Service and cleanliness is off the chart.

  • King's Compassion

During our first visit, manager, Clayton, was very professional and friendly, as well as accommodating to our needs, as we are a non-profit organization in desperate need of space as we've been using our residence. He asked lots of questions to be sure to understand how to best meet our needs. We recently vacated the units as we got our own warehouse, but still highly recommend Morningstar Storage. Thank you for all you did for us!

  • grady peen

Horrible facility. Water has leaked into my grandfathers unit which I also have belongings in and many valuable and sentimental things have been ruined. I try calling all the time and hardly any answers. I always get the operator and I leave messages. I have seen countless cigarette butts all over the place even in the hallways. The bathroom is a horror show. Don't store your things here. This place needs fixing.

  • Jason Gil

John is the nicest manager of a storage unit business you could ask for. My past experiences made me feel like more of a number. John even helped me out when I least expected it: that kind gesture made me feel welcome and shows John goes above and beyond for his customers! There was even a goodie bag when I arrived out my unit. If you need a storage unit in the future, I highly recommend John and Morningstar.

  • Mary Valdez

Morningstar Storage of Babcock is a great storage facility. Our nonprofit organization (YTIA) has been privileged to store our excess materials there for several years and we recently moved to a larger unit. Mr. John Lauber, the current manager, was a pleasure to deal with. He is a real asset to this company and I hope that he remains in his position for quite some time.

  • Melanie Andrews

I have had a storage unit here for years. It's clean and secure. I love that I can pay my Watson & Taylor bill online. When I stop in, I always receive professional and friendly service. They provide that extra space needed, big or small, for storage that today's newer homes just don't have. I would recommend this convenient location to anyone!

  • Katelyn Goodrich

The customer service was great when we went to book a storage unit. We booked an inside climate controlled unit and have had no issues in the 8 months our stuff has been in storage. The people are always friendly, access into and out of the unit is easy, and they were very affordable. Overall, I highly recommend this storage facility!!

  • Miranda R

Best storage facility! John and the staff here are so friendly and answered all my questions. At the last minute I needed a second unit, I was able to get one immediately online which made my move so much less stressful. 24/7 access and the use of their truck to help get you moved in is such a huge plus! Definitely recommend!

  • Billy Baker

Morningstar storage on Babcock is without a doubt the easiest storage facility I've had the pleasure of renting. The manager made the registration a snap and within 15 minutes I had the key to my storage and was ready to go. If you're looking for a good bang for your buck Morningstar storage is the only way to go. Thanks

  • Michele Koch

Excellent service from the management at Babcock Road. We had just rented our unit, but the lock was broken. The manager, Cystal, got us set up in a new unit with a new lock in less than 30 minutes. She was polite, prompt, and professional. The units are clean and very accessible from the road. Easy in and out.

  • amanda Stehle

Environment was very friendly and professional. They help me with everything I needed for a very stressful moving day. Very reasonable prices and good location. Highly recommend taking advantage of their moving truck rather than renting outside. If you need a place to store things this is the place.

  • TheHarleynut

I found the property manager to be very friendly and informative. After renting a unit he stopped by to see if everything was going ok. Love the security of Morningstar Storage and the customer service of the property manager Clayton Darby. Would highly recommend Morningstar Storage.

  • Dimka Moysa

Awesome storage facility! Move in process was super awesome and smooth, John was very helpful with everything! And they have a moving box truck to use for free for move in day, what a life saver that was, moved all my stuff from another facility all in 1 trip, highly recommended!

  • Rebecca Rae Duano

This storage is absolutly great clayton is great manager he made sure me and my husband and family members were very satisfied thanks to clayton we have had no issues and a smooth transaction Thanks morning star !!! We highly recommended this storage 5 star !!!! …

  • SuEarl McReynolds

Thank you so much for storing the "extra classroom stuff" from Rudder Middle School so that they can have the maximum amount of space to bring the maximum number of students back to campus safely! You are a true supporter of education and the community!!

  • Hannah Jeanise

The renting process was so easy and John was AMAZING. When it finally came time to move in he helped us with some hiccups quickly and was so great. Would continue to use in the future. They also have a courtesy moving truck for tenants which is amazing.

  • James Sorick

I like this place so much better than my last storage facility. They have 24 he access and the place is clean. Also the manager Clayton is a stand up guy, a retired police officer. I feel that my stuff is safer here than where I used to store it.

  • Jason Garcia

I used Watson & Taylor self storage beacsue it is really close to my home. Very clean and organized place, and has just enough room for my stuff. I recommend this place for anyone that is looking for storages for inside or outside storages.

  • Marcos Rubio

What a great storage place. They seem to have good security, and plenty of cameras allover. This is the second time I’ve used their facility. Liz, is amazing!!! She’s very professional and ensures everything is covered when you rent a unit.

  • Alberto Rey

The Property Manager (Clayton Darby) is very friendly and knowledgeable in all aspects of his job. I’ve been with the facility for awhile now. It’s always clean and well taken care of. I recommend this storage facility to anyone.

  • James Sorick

I've been renting a storage room here for 6 months. The staff is friendly and helpful, the grounds are kept clean and well lit at night, and I have access to my stuff 24/7. Much better than others that I have used in the past.

  • Joe Arshad

John, the property manager, was super nice and helpful. I got what I need same day with discount. In addition to the treatment, I got their truck box to bring my stuff for free. I liked them and they are highly recommended

  • Matthew Ortiz

Great service and very kind staff. John was very helpful and walked me through the entire process. Was also very clear on do’s and dont’s. Office, facilities, parking, and storage were all very clean as well. Thank you.

  • Cheryl Icke

I have all of my household goods stored in three storage sheds while our house is being build. Their staff is very courteous and friendly. The grounds are kept clean and I feel that all of my belongings are very safe.

  • Keke

Mr. John is the best. If you communicate with him, he will do his best to help you out. All the staff at Morningstar Storage is nice and helpful. I would recommend them for sure. Thank you all for everything. …

  • Maria Cuellar

I am so glad I was referred. Best service and patience and kindness of the people there. I will certainly refer anyone looking for a great Storage Facility to rent from. Great pricing as well.

  • Samuel Arowolo

I had a wonderful experience thanks to Mr. John. He has a wonderful personality and the process was quick and easy. Got to also learn a little about him, which was very interesting to know.

  • Amalia

John at Morningstar Storage was very welcoming. I even received an unexpected welcome gift bag. That was so sweet. April 2023 Special is great too and it includes 1 month free. Super great!

  • Omar C

Excellent experience in my move in. John was great in communicating with me, pricing was better than expected and ended up getting a bigger unit. Looking to be here a long time. Thank you

  • Courtney Dayy

John was very helpful with getting me the right size unit I needed and Richard was very helpful with showing the unit and how the lock works! Definitely recommend Morningstar Storage!!

  • Dana Ward

This is such a nice place. It’s kept immaculate. Everyone there is so nice and very helpful. The property manager, John, is a wonderful man. I’d highly recommend to use this facility.

  • George Wieland

This was my 3rd unit with Morningstar and there was never a problem. I trusted Morningstar with my 1959 MGA car til the garage was finished. Friendly Staff and overall GREAT Service!

  • jesse casas

Great customer service, did my transaction with the manager and he was helpful and kind, will be recommending this location to my friends if they need a storage unit in the future

  • Eric Bird

Went in and was able to get set up with a Storage Unit without any issue. I would highly recommend because this one was the only one in the area with great customer service.

  • Jessica Starr

Very different than other storages. Customer service is amazing. They are understanding and are not just out to keep your things. I will never rent anywhere else again.

  • Chris Raymond

Manager was very rude. Rented a truck but was given a piece of junk that had parts hanging off the sides. Was told there was a lift on the back but one wasn't provided

  • Ren Carr

Very friendly staff and affordable price for the unit I used. I would suggest to fellow students who need somewhere to temporarily store their items in between moves.

  • Jennifer Renner

Morningstar Storage found units for me that were perfect for my situation. They were responsive and helpful. The units are clean and safe. I couldn't ask for more!

  • Tammy Tassin

The staff was friendly, cooperative and helpful. The unit was clean and met my needs. They worked with my situation to find something that was best option for me.


Nice facility with great customer service. Clayton, the manager was friendly, down to earth, took his time explaining what I needed to know. …

  • Lashaune 538

Liz is amazing. Very professional and goes above and beyond. The manager followed up with me to alleviate any stress I had and answered all of my questions.

  • Mario

Clayton, the new manager, is great! He provides great service and support. The whole facility is clean, well lit and secure. Clayton will take care of you!

  • King of Retro Games

Very clean facility! Clayton (manager) is very professional and extremely helpful with all my questions! Very recommended to anyone needing storage space!

  • Margaret De la torre

I am extremely satisfied with this facility! John & the other gentleman on duty were awesome! Open 24 hours & a loaner truck!! 10 stars ✨️ …

  • Lauren Donaldson

I recommend this facility due to it's excellent customer service. John makes all your storage needs easy. No hassle. This facility is clean and safe.

  • Jubentino Rubio

Mr Jhon was very help and answer all my questions he makes the process smooth and easier to obtain a new storage unit. Really recommend this place

  • Cory Hollett

Great customer service and good deal for first time storage renter like myself. They really took the time to get me what I need for my situation.

  • Craig Lozano

Very polite and informative agent Liz, helped us get the right size storage unit for our move. Storage units very clean on the inside Thank You!

  • Ms B

I appreciate the friendly service here and easy payment options. Never had dirty faculties and belongings have always remained safe and secure.

  • Robert Becker

This is an excellent storage place. I have had a unit for several years. Friendly personnel and very competitive prices. Highly recommended.

  • Elroy Miller

Clayton was very informative about my storage options as well as quick & efficient with the rental process. 2️⃣ …

  • Aubrey Duvall

Great customer service and super easy for moving my stuff in and moving out. I will definitely use them again if I need storage space.

  • Diane Garrett

Good experience with John & Emmy. Great price, clean storage areas and security was good. I recommend them for your storage needs.

  • Mission City

Great customer service, John helped me out very fast and efficiently when I needed a unit, I appreciate everything he did for me.

  • Julie M

John was super helpful and very kind. Best experience I’ve had renting a storage facility. Thank you Morningstar on Babcock.

  • Judith Rocha

Wonderful interaction and instructions. I am excited to do business with them. JON WAS AN ABSOLUTE PLEASURE TO DEAL WITH.

  • Sam v

This place is easy to do business with and reasonably priced. I highly recommend this place for your storage needs.

  • Tiffany Shewmaker

I've had my storage since Dec 2019 and very pleased. Reasonable rates and easy access. Great customer service

  • F S

Nice owners. Great prices. Clean Facility. 24hr access to my storage unit. I recommend this storage unit.

  • Heather Kingston

The staff here is super helpful and friendly. I have been renting here for almost 2 years. No complaints.

  • Amanda Heatherington

Great manager, super security locks on the units, NOT padlocks. Excellent price. Very helpful staff.

  • Amanda C. Heatherington

Excellent management. Unit locks that can't be cut. 24/7 access. Office open 6 days each week.

  • Karin Belk

Friendly and efficient. Also, a good rate with no rent increase guaranteed for a year!

  • Gustavo Solis

John and rich offered great customer service!!! Very smooth and simple process!!!

  • Pat Ledermann

Very easy process and friendly services

  • Christian Korta

Very clean and great service!

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